Simplifying OHS compliance for all trade services and contaractors.

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What is pocket OHS?

Pocket OHS is a software tool available through and for IOS in the APP Store.

It's primary purpose is to minimise the time it takes to comply with your OHS paperwork and get straight to work.

Pocket OHS has been designed to help store your own Occupational Heath and Safety Documents and also to keep track of compliance to these documents at each job that you and your workers do.

Pocket OHS solves the problem of carrying paperwork around with you and enables seamless digitisation of these documents so you have them and can comply with spot checks by your clients and also worksafe.

You can also download and email these documents from any device.

Pocket OHS lets you check your own SWMS before you start work and print a report to prove that you have.

Get straight to work


Documents from any PC or photos of documents direct to your device


Download, read and authorise your compliance to your own OHS documents

start work

You are ready to work


Track your compliance and your work

What is the difference between the website/ mobile website and the App for IOS?

We understand that the reality of being a tradesperson is that you spend more time out of the office than in! The website allows the user to load documents in from a PC in word or PDF format. The website is multi functional and can also be used to track of each job you do and that you have competed the SWMS check at each job. It allows management reporting of completed jobs.

The mobile friendly website allows access to the website in an easy to view format on an i phone and includes all features and functionality of the website. Documents can be uploaded as photos.

The APP is designed specifically for Apple iPhones and has large buttons and a simple format to navigate your documents. It has minimal click throughs to add/ edit /email documents and complete your jobs. The APP is a breakthrough in simplicity and is designed for every business no matter how big or small.

How to I create an account?

Simply either go to the LOGIN/SIGN UP on or Download the App from the iTunes App Store, start a new account or log in with Facebook or Google.

How much does it cost?

currently pocket OHS is available free, just download from Apple app store and

I’m a company, how can I use pocket OHS in my business?

Pocket OHS is available no matter how small or how big your business is. You can create a multi user account with a master admin. Documents can be available to all workers or you can allow viewership of documents to specific workers. You can track your workers, time jobs and their compliance to your company’s specific OHS documents and generate custom reports. Your workers can also upload their own documents.

How can Pocket OHS help my workers to be more safe on the job?

Pocket OHS is a simple software tool that has been designed to help make your OHS documents be more easily accessible to your workers.

By making documents more accessible you ensure:

  • Documents are constantly being read and reviewed and there is more opportunity to update and add to the documents.
  • Risks identified in the documents are being assessed and risk minimisation is forefront of mind.
  • Safety becomes part of the everyday conversation before work starts every day whether you complete one job or multiple jobs.